Making CPD work for you

The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) is introducing a new CPD scheme for osteopaths. Keep up to date on this site with what’s happening and how you can be involved. We have information here for osteopaths and osteopathic organisations, CPD providers and clinical interest groups, health professionals and the public.


Meet the team

What did our early adopters say?

Around 200 osteopaths worked with us to try out all aspects of the new CPD scheme.

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CPD providers

Do you provide CPD training? 
What does the new CPD scheme for osteopaths mean for you?

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CPD in action

CPD is an everyday part of osteopathic practice.
Put your professional development in action.

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“The aim of the new CPD scheme for osteopaths is to help patients like me feel confident in knowing that my osteopath is competent and up to date with current knowledge and skills to treat me and provide a high quality of service.”

Asmina Remtulla – patient