9.45Introduction – Chapter one – case study of patient presenting with shoulder pain.
Discussion of fascial slings, form and force closure. Linking the gait cycle to pain and dysfunction to the shoulder complex.
10.30Functional Anatomy of the Gmax, hip extension firing pattern assessment
11.15Functional Anatomy of the Gmed, hip abduction firing pattern assessment. Case study of Gmed and QL.
12.00Differential diagnosis of weakness inhibition to the Glutes – Anterior muscles, nerves and capsules.
12.15Functional Anatomy & assessment of the Iliopsoas, rectus femoris, adductors and TFL
13.30Treating the causes of weakness inhibition – Soft tissue techniques – soft tissue release (STR) and muscle energy techniques (METs)
14.30Screening the hip joint and discuss the relationship to the lower back, pelvis and knee
15.15Maximising the gluteals through functional and specific exercise protocol. Chapter 12
16.15 – 16.30Recap of day, Certificates, Further training and course dispersal.