The fascia – Part 1

Date: 21/09/2018

Location: European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone, Kent

Tel: 01622 671558

There are no osteopathic techniques that do not involve the fascia; whatever techniques you choose you must involve it.  The fascia is the first point of defense against disease and stores trauma patterns. It links all osteopathic techniques.

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the subtleties of fascia, their mode of operation and action. Through embryological, anatomical, physiological and biological study we will discover various treatment options and will discuss the latest research on the fascia to allow us to advance therapeutic possibilities.

Although it is essential to devote a portion of this course to theory, to capture all the subtleties of the fascia, most time will be devoted to practical applications.  Over the 3-days, we will consider techniques that correspond to the different operational aspects of fascias.  The following will be considered and discussed, including clinical relevance and technical application to all parts of the body:

  • Structural Techniques
  • Listening and induction therapy
  • General fascial equilibration and dura mater techniques
  • The ‘transfixing’ techniques
  • The techniques of ‘desideration’+ self correction
  • Aging of lesions
  • Notions of epigenetics
  • The cellular memory
  • Applications for elderly patients, pregnant women and treating fertility problems
  • An introduction to a new notion of Intentional Medicine and Quantic Medicine