Osteopathic Performing Arts Care Association

Date: 10/03/2018

Location: The National Centre for Circus Arts, 10 Coronet Street, London, N1 6HD

Professional performers acquire an immense level of specialist skill and training, and need to maintain exceptional strength, fitness and flexibility, in order to work without injury. As Osteopaths we need to understand the challenges that our patients face, in order to help them recover from injury and to avoid it in the future, and so this day has been set up to enable us to study the demands of the different circus disciplines.

Held at the National Centre for Circus Arts, the seminar will provide an introduction to working with a variety of disciplines within the world of
circus, for example; trapeze and silk, juggling and rope walking, acrobatics, hand balancing and Chinese pole. The venue provides the opportunity to see live demonstrations, and to gain an understanding of the training and performing life of circus artists. There will be a mix of interactive talks and practical demonstrations, covering performance, assessment and treatment, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Participants should come away with a better understanding of how to approach the osteopathic care of circus artists.

Nina Bain : Nina qualified from the BCNO (now BCOM) in 1990. She practises in central London and has been treating circus artists for the last ten years. She has worked with artists from Ockham’s Ra-zor, Gandini, and No Fit State Circus.

Glen Stewart : Glen is from New Zealand but has lived in London since 1999. Soon after arriving in the UK, Glen started working at Circus Space (now the National Centre for Circus Arts – NCCA). He has background in gymnastics and a strong interest in strength and conditioning,
movement, and nutrition. All this has been integrated with his knowledge of circus arts. In 2013 Glen was appointed Director of Training at NCCA. He now works with the Senior Management Team on an organisation wide teaching and training philosophy. Glen has the vision of advancing our osteopathic practice as well as developing, training and supporting circus teachers.

Demonstrations will feature artists from Ockham’s Razor: www.ockhamsrazor.co.uk and others to be confirmed. Cost £108 OPACA Members, £132 Non members (includes buffet lunch and refreshments). To book online please go to our website: www.opaca.co.uk.


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