Complete taping workshop using all methods of taping – sports, kinesiology & activetape

Date: 15/04/2018

Location: London School of Osteopathy, London SE1 3BE

Course covers all the key techniques for all clinical and sports practitioners. You will leave this 1 day workshop training program 100% equipped to deal with any type of injury/pain presentation both at the clinic and sports club level.

The course will cover the use of three different taping styles

· Sports and Rigid Taping
All body parts
New and improved methods (out with the old)

· Gripit Kinesiology Taping Method
The method delivers a clinically relevant methodology
Based on ‘new’ application principles
New updated methods using a more comprehensive approach

· Gripit ACTIVETAPE Functional Deload Taping Method
The newest and most innovative taping method
Activetaping completes your taping toolkit
Learn to unload soft tissues through full range of movement
100% different to Kinesiology tape method

Course will cover conditions such as
Plantar Fascia
Muscle Strains
Joint Sprains
Low Back Pain (Fixing and Unloading)
Rotator Cuff
Postural Adaptations and more….

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