Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques Masterclass

Date: 12/11/2018

Location: Oxford University Sports Complex, Oxford

Tel: 07850 176600

John Gibbons’ Advanced Soft Tissue Masterclass introduces you to advanced soft tissue techniques that can be used easily and safely in a sporting and non-sporting context.

On completion of the two-day course you will have a good understanding of the NEW Bodymaster release techniques (BMRT), soft tissue release (STR), muscle energy techniques (MET), strain counterstrain (SCS) and positional release (PR). On this course you will also learn advanced myofascial techniques in which we will focuss on the area of the lower lumbar spine, specific shoulder problems and neck pain as well as other areas of the body; these techniques once learnt can then be employed immediately into your reptertoire of soft tissue skills so that you can successfully treat more patients with a variety of musculo-skeletal problems.