A process approach in manual and physical therapies

Date: 14/04/2018

Location: Whittington Education Centre, Whittington Hospital, Gordon Close, (off Highgate Hill), London, N19

The management focuses on three body/person processes associated with recovery: repair, adaptation and alleviation of symptoms.

This is in contrast to the traditional Structural model in manual and physical therapies where it is believed that recovery, prevention of injury and even well-being can be achieved by creating ideal, optimal biomechanical conditions.

A Process Approach is a viable and practical development from the structural model in manual and physical therapies. It has important implications for clinical management, the role of therapist, the manual techniques used, the exercises prescribed and patient self-care management. These implications will be discussed and debated during the lecture. The practical sessions will be a combination of group work that will explore management of different conditions using this revolutionary approach.

Participants will be introduced to, and be able to practise, new manual approaches to expand their scope of practice. Contents: 50% practical, 50% theoretical.

Organiser: CPDO

Email: cpd@cpdo.net


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