Early Adopters

Over 200 Early Adopters played a leading role in the implementation of the new CPD scheme, testing resources, providing feedback, and helping colleagues understand how to apply the new scheme in practice.


  • Rachel Ives

    “The exercise where we discussed a challenging clinical case with a colleague was especially helpful. Between us, we were able to give each other some really constructive advice regarding what we could do better next time.
    It was all very supportive and well worth doing.”

  • Mags Milan

    “I hope the new scheme will help us improve our objectivity when evaluating our practice and tracking our development across the four CPD standards. I'm glad also of the opportunity to store CPD evidence electronically.”

  • Gavin Routledge

    "The new CPD scheme is straightforward and a small, sensible step in the maturation of the osteopathic profession."

  • Jody Jakob

    “I think the new scheme is well thought out, made as easy as possible and still covering the requirements.
    Particularly the requirements of doing something related to communication, patient feedback, and consent. The requirement to get feedback from colleagues although potentially putting you out of your comfort zone is a good thing."

  • Liz Elander

    “I think that many osteopaths will be in their element with the new CPD scheme. It allows us to imagine our osteopathic practice is our patient. The exciting thing is that there are no clinical protocols to limit this work: we can all be creative in discovering, designing and sharing ways to meet our CPD needs ... and keep the patient in tip top condition.”

  • Claire Piper

    “I think the new CPD scheme is very comprehensive and will broaden the range of CPD we do. It will also allow us to be more focused on our practice needs and fulfil what we really need to develop our practices. The most encouraging part for me is the potential to form a small learning community and choose a peer to work with through the process, as this will encourage further learning and professional networks.”

  • Kenneth McLean

    “Among colleagues not enrolled in the Early Adopter programme, there appears to a great deal of enthusiasm to participate in collaborative CPD opportunities with those of us who are in the programme, which will hopefully make for a more substantive learning experience!”

  • Zara Ford

    “I am excited about the changes to the CPD structure – the flexibility will help and although I am nervous of the IT skills required – I know I can learn this too. I think we all need to look on this as an opportunity to make CPD interesting, challenging, fun and focused for our individual requirements.”

  • Mel Todd

    “The new CPD scheme is nothing to be afraid of and no one is trying to 'catch us out'! Participating properly in the new scheme will improve the profession as a whole and make osteopaths work more closely together, sharing ideas and thoughts, which I feel is much needed within the profession.”

  • Jonathan Hearsey

    “I welcome the flexibility of spreading the CPD commitment over a three-year period and look forward to the opportunity of sharing my CPD with colleagues in the form of a peer review. I can’t think of a better way to get osteopaths learning together and supporting one another.”

  • Marion Wilmot

    “The peer review aspect of the new CPD scheme will help to promote discussion among ourselves about cases that have proved challenging and allow us to share different ways of approaching these challenges that will help us all to improve as osteopaths.”

  • Phil Wise

    “From what I've heard so far, I think we are headed in a good direction ... as we need to do all we can to brush off this 'inferior' image we have when viewed by the medical profession.“