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Reflecting on your practice can help identify learning needs and development goals.

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Over a three-year CPD cycle, osteopaths will need to undertake CPD across all themes of the Osteopathic Practice Standards, including at least one objective activity, and one CPD activity relating to communication and consent. You will also need to keep a CPD record and, with a colleague, complete a Peer Discussion Review.


The Osteopathic Practice Standards underpin all aspects of practice and should be reflected in your CPD.

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Objective activity

The purpose of objective activity is to enhance and inform your practice and CPD through analysis and reflection on the views of others.

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Communication and Consent

Effective communication and shared decision-making are the foundations of a good therapeutic relationship between osteopath and patient.

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Keeping a record

You will need to maintain a record of your CPD.

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Peer discussion review

The Peer Discussion Review is a structured, formal discussion with a colleague about your CPD as it relates to your practice, demonstrating how this complies with the requirements of the scheme.

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