About the scheme

In partnership with osteopaths, osteopathic organisations and patients, the GOsC has developed a new CPD scheme with engagement, support and community at its heart.

While the scheme builds on what osteopaths are already doing, there are new learning requirements that all osteopaths must incorporate into their CPD.

Watch our short presentation giving an overview of new CPD scheme:

The CPD cycle

Over a three-year CPD cycle, as an osteopath you will need to undertake:


CPD across all the themes of the Osteopathic Practice Standards:

  1. Communication and patient partnership
  2. Knowledge, skills and performance
  3. Safety and quality in practice
  4. Professionalism

Objective activity

At least one 'objective activity' to assess the quality of your practice, for example:

  • Patient feedback
  • Peer observation
  • Clinical audit
  • Case-based discussion

You must be able to demonstrate how this has influenced your CPD and improved your practice.

Communication and consent

At least one CPD activity that relates to patient communication and consent.

Keeping a record

Keep a CPD record, along with supporting evidence.

Peer discussion review

By the end of the three-year CPD cycle, arrange a Peer Discussion Review with a colleague to discuss your CPD and practice. This review will complete your CPD cycle, but it is not about 'passing' or 'failing'; it is about showing that you have engaged with the scheme and that your CPD has developed your practice.

A timeline of progress

An overview of some key dates in the progress of our CPD scheme.

The finer detail

The CPD Guidelines provide detailed guidance to support osteopaths in meeting the General Osteopathic Council’s Continuing Professional Development requirements.

CPD guidelines